Ministry Teams

Quick, what’s our mission?  Can you remember it?  “The whole…something?”  The mission of Grace Covenant Church is to proclaim the whole gospel for the whole person through the whole city to the whole world.

I know, that sounds like a tall order, perhaps even impossible.  Is it measurable?  Definable?

How will we know that we are accomplishing our mission?  Well, we have four goals – Worship, Growth in Grace, Fellowship and Service, and Evangelism and Missions.  While you could probably figure out what we mean by these four goals, eventually we’ll discuss each of them.  For now, however, I want to focus on Fellowship & Service. 

Several weeks ago at a Sunday night fellowship, I mentioned that we would be creating a Fellowship & Service ministry team.  Well, that time is upon us; this will be our topic of discussion at our Sunday Night Fellowship this coming Sunday evening (October 22).  In fact, this will actually help lay the groundwork for ministry structure at Grace Covenant Church for years to come.

As the name implies, this team will focus on fellowship opportunities within the church as well as service opportunities for the church to the community.  It certainly won’t be the exclusive responsibility of this ministry to do it all; the whole congregation will be involved in ministry.  This team, however, will spearhead the motivation and mobilization of the congregation in the areas of fellowship and service.

Maybe some concrete examples would help.  Putting together a list of hosts for Sunday night fellowship will probably be the first order of business for this ministry team.  Other events that probably fall under the oversight of this team include the Sunday morning coffee fellowship before worship, visitor’s lunch, Kiddie Carnival, perhaps a discussion of entering the chili cook-off or ways we might serve during the Christmas parade.  I’m sure there are other ideas.  In fact, that’s one of the benefits of a team – putting heads together to come up with ways to encourage fellowship within GCC and for GCC to serve Athens and Limestone County.

Come prepared, not just to discuss this idea, but to volunteer on Sunday, October 22 at 5:30 PM at Jeff and Nancy Hooker’s house.