Worship Sundays @ 10:30AM

603 S. Jefferson St.

Athens, AL 35611

At Grace Covenant Church, we believe that corporate worship is the pinnacle of every week. We gather at 10:30 AM each Sunday morning. Currently, we are renting the Community Room of the Athens-Limestone Public Library.

Gospel-Logic Dialog

We follow a fairly historic and traditional liturgy. That is, the order in which we structure the elements of worship is not new; it is grounded in what what we call “gospel-logic dialogue”. In other words, it’s our view that the order of worship should reflect a conversation between God and his people, a conversation that will rehearse the logical order of the gospel itself - God’s holiness and initiation, man’s sinfulness and response, and the free offer of Christ for salvation and spiritual growth.


Centrality of God’s Word

Visit Grace Covenant Church and you’ll quickly notice a high concentration of God’s Word in our worship service. We believe, as Presbyterians have for centuries, that the Bible regulates how we worship God. Who would know better how God ought to be worshipped than God himself? The elements of our worship services have been revealed to us in Holy Scripture; we don’t just make them up.

Another way to say that is that we read the Bible, sing the Bible, preach the Bible, and pray the Bible. We are committed to preaching through books of the Bible, context by context. While we may occasionally preach topical sermons or series, that will most likely be the exception and not the rule.

You should dress like Aidan, of course!

You should dress like Aidan, of course!

How Should I Dress?

If you attend Grace Covenant Church on any given Sunday morning, you will find some people dressed up and others not. You will see suits as well as jeans. Since Scripture gives us no dress code for corporate worship, we cannot give one either. Barring indecency and immodesty, we won’t turn someone away at the door because of their clothes.

The Athens State Fiddler

The Athens State Fiddler

Music in worship

You won’t hear us talking about traditional or contemporary worship. Those words can be misleading and unclear; they aren’t very easily definable. We sing biblically sound, theologically rich songs from the past and the present. You will sing old hymns in their original tune setting. You will sing old hymns put to new tunes. You will sing new hymns. You will sing newer worship songs. The point is that, in each case, the songs are chosen for their content and their place in the service and not based on their age.


What about Children?

We have a nursery for children 3 years old and younger. You’ll notice, however, that we encourage children to join their parents in corporate worship at an early age. We know that will make some parents uncomfortable; however, we are firmly convinced that children will quickly learn to participate to the best of their ability.

Pastor Hooker has written a couple of posts about training children for worship. They are available here and here.


One way that we can help you to prepare for worship each week, is to give you access to the bulletin in advance.  This will give you a chance to see the songs we are singing, learn the ones you don’t know, help your children with any words they may not know, and find out if there are special elements in the service.