The Crown and Christian Parenting

The British monarchy seems to be all the rage.  PBS is in season 2 of Victoria.  There are two seasons of The Crownavailable on Netflix.  Many of you men are left to watch the Olympics alone because your wife and daughter would rather binge watch these stories of royalty.

Well, in Season 1, Episode 7 of The Crown, we get a glimpse into the education that Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth received as a young girl.  The audience learns, even as she does, that her education is different, drastically different, from that of other pupils.  “Shouldn’t I know all of this too?” she asks as she thumbs through a stack of, what does appear to be, Algebra exam papers.

No other child in the entire kingdom received the same kind of training she did, not even her own sister, Margaret.

Training Children for Worship

“I have a young child who won’t sit still in worship. What can I do?” This situation is not at all uncommon, especially in a church with young families. This is a question that I have asked and wrestled with on numerous occasions. How can we train our children for worship? Unfortunately, there is not a single sentence that will answer that question. In fact, to answer this question with any sufficiency is to unpack a treasure chest of thoughts and practices.