Community Groups

John Donne was right. No man is an island, entire of itself. We are made for relationships, with both our Creator and other creatures. Yet, we live busy, distracted, and disconnected lives. One of man’s greatest fears is being alone, but we do little to cultivate meaningful relationships.
This is why we created Community Groups in the first place, to help us meet that deep-seated relational need and to establish a place where the preached Word would be encouraged to become the lived Word. We established them, as the name may suggest, to build community within Grace Covenant Church. Community Groups will be the place where fellowship, prayer, and care for one another can be and will be best accomplished.
Group goals:
The groups will meet at least twice each month and focus on fellowship and prayer. Some groups may choose to have a Bible study of some sort. There will, of course, be food.
Meeting times:
While Sunday nights might make the most sense, if a group would prefer to meet another night of the week, they can certainly have that freedom.
The Johnstons and Pinsons are both hosting groups that will meet at 5:30 on Sunday nights.  We will probably need a third host.
Each group will decide how best to engage their children. Let me encourage you, however, that, while there’s great reason to spend some of this time teaching and equipping our children, it is also a great benefit to them to see adults praying with and for each other.
5th Sunday nights:
In a month with a 5th Sunday, we will all meet together, either for lunch at the Library or in someone’s home in the evening. Our first lunch with be April 30.